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Abbie Jankelovitz

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What is our mission?

Our mission is to help people improve their overall mental and physical health through fitness and a healthy lifestyle. At The 360 MindBody, we strongly support studies that find if you adopt a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly, you can treat many physical and psychological disorders. For example, research shows that exercise is the world’s most effective anti-depressant, even though it is rarely utilized. Exercise alleviates depression, reduces anxiety, helps people manage PTSD, improves body image, and significantly increases self-confidence. We believe that fitness and a healthy lifestyle are strategies that can empower you, and in combination with mental health counseling will produce amazing effects.

Our founder, Abbie Jankelovitz was born and raised in Michigan. She holds a Master's Degree (MA) in clinical mental health-counseling from Oakland University (December 2019) and a Bachelor’s Degree (BA) in health psychology and health promotion from Michigan State University (May 2016). At Michigan State University, she received a Board of Trustee’s Scholarship for her academic achievements. She was a student ambassador, Spartan tour guide, psychology teaching assistant, and peer mentor at the Office of Study Abroad. She also served on the executive board of Spartan Body Pride and participated in a study abroad program to Australia, which focused on Sports Psychology.

She is currently an LLPC (Limited Licensed Professional Counselor). She also is a personal trainer/group fitness instructor. She has worked at multiple gyms and health centers, including Nafas Fitness, Rebel Fitness, Power House Gym, Lifetime Fitness, Title Boxing Club, Jewish Community Center, and Area45Fitness. Based on her professional and personal experiences, she knows that the mind and body are integrally connected. She passionately believes that through exercise and adopting a healthier lifestyle, you can improve your psychological and physical health.