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You CAN Have Too Much of a Good Thing

Just because something is viewed as “healthy” doesn’t mean that it is always “good” for you. Anything in excess can be harmful to your body and mind. For example, exercise is viewed as a positive thing that you do to stay in shape. However, over exercising can lead to injury, a breakdown of the body and obsessive thoughts. We are faced with unrealistic expectations about fitness and our bodies because of media portrayals about when and how much we should exercise. Something that was supposed to be a stress reliever or a way to stay in shape is now a source of stress and anxiety. Another example would be eating healthy food. We all know this can be good for your body, but when does it become obsessive? We might become so strict in our diet that we only eat certain foods. This could lead to being malnourished and not enjoying the little treats of life. We need to feed not only our bodies but also our souls. It’s important to strive for balance in all aspects of your life.

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Every component of your life is just as important as the next. Maintaining an equal balance in each component will enable you to achieve overall wellness. Wellness Wheel

It Takes Two

The mind and body are connected in more ways then you can imagine. It is impossible to obtain health in one aspect of your life without the other. Sometimes, you are so focused on one piece of your life that you forget the importance of the other parts. At times, you want to be physically healthy or fit and in the process you end up ignoring the effects on your mental health. At other times, you may wish to be mentally healthy and in turn you jeopardize your physical health with medication or treatment. This is similar to the relationship between medical professionals and mental health counselors. They operate with totally different models and do not communicate with each other, when they should be working together in your best interest.